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Sand grain agent for KT507 powder coating
1 product profiles
KT507 is a special kind of fluorine polymer, which can be used as a kind of additive to produce fine sand like appearance. Suitable for household appliances such as VCD, audio equipment, office supplies, sports equipment and other industrial equipment. Especially the surface decoration of computer panel.
2 technical parameters
Appearance: very fine white powder
Melting range: 320 ~ 330
Apparent density: 200 ~ 350g/L
3 technology and application characteristics
Apply powder in any system, such as pure epoxy paint epoxy / polyester, polyester / TGIC, or Primid and PU, the coating exhibits a uniform appearance of fine sand ripples.
Compared with the currently used additive texture, texture coating is more obvious and stable.
In leveling agent and other additives can use benzoin can not, therefore reducing the cost.
Even at extremely low concentration such as 0.8 per thousand can obtain good effect, obvious and clear grit.
Dosage: 0.05~0.3% of the total formula weight. Add in the ingredients, and then extrude with the extruder, after crushing sieve.
4 storage and packaging
Store in a cool, dry place, sealed with Polyethylene Lined with kraft paper, net weight: 20 kg.
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