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High efficiency degassing agent for KT961/962 powder coating

1 product profiles

KT961/962 is a kind of high efficiency degassing agent for powder coatings. The base material in porous can achieve very good results, it makes the base material released bubbles easily escaped from the surface and surface coating without pores, but also on the galvanized substrate and Aluminum Alloy substrates and cast iron have a good degassing effect.

2 technical parameters

Appearance: white fine powder

Melting range: 120 ~ 135 DEG C (KT961)

140 ~ 145 degrees C (KT962)

3 technology and application characteristics

KT961/962 can be used in TGIC powder, polyester hydroxyl amide powder, polyester / epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic and epoxy powder coatings, with a strong effect of degassing and viscosity reduction.

KT961/962 is mixed with resin, curing agent, pigment and other additives in high speed mixer, and then extruded with all components. Can also be mixed with powder or part of the extrusion part after mixing.

The addition amount is 0.5% to 1.5% of the total amount of powder, and KT961/962 can also be mixed with powder.

4 storage and packaging

Store in a cool, dry place, sealed with Polyethylene Lined with kraft paper, net weight: 20 kg.

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