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Special charge regulator for powder coating KT308

1 product profiles

The biggest defect of electrostatic painting is the "Faraday" effect caused by electrostatic shielding, which makes the coating of the corners and the concave and convex parts extremely difficult. At the same time due to electrostatic painting in a large number of free electrons in the coated surface accumulation, with the increase of film thickness will lead to rejection and spark phenomenon, and further influence of deposition powder, reduces the powder efficiency. It is possible to avoid these defects effectively, which can not only reduce the Faraday effect, but also can effectively increase the spraying efficiency and improve the powder content of the corner and groove.

The market charge regulator generally sold mostly by quaternary ammonium salt or quaternary ammonium imidazoline compounds, although these products also have a certain charge regulation. However, there are obvious defects: it is easy to cause yellowing of the coating film (after baking is more serious), the catalytic effect of the epoxy system on the surface of the flow (due to the catalytic properties of ammonium).

The company's KT308 surface charge regulator is a special method for the preparation of macromolecular compounds. Has a very strong effect of surface charge, no catalytic activity for all powder, not affecting the film leveling, no yellowing caused by the film, but rather with promoting the leveling effect, so the charge regulator in use than the general market has more filling amount and better powder the rate of.

2 technical parameters

Appearance: white fine particle or powder

Melting range: 68 ~ 75

3 technology and application characteristics

Add the total amount of powder 0.1% - 0.3%, the specific dosage according to the experiment.

It should be noted that the use of metal powder should be carefully used, should be based on the specific circumstances to add. When used only with other components can be squeezed out. Suitable for all powder systems.

4 reference formula

Note: the rate of the powder used to define the weight difference before and after spraying, the yellowing index expressed by delta B, leveling by visual method.
5 storage and packaging
Store in a cool, dry place, sealed with Polyethylene Lined with kraft paper, net weight: 25 kg.
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