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Product introduction
KT910 is a kind of micronized synthetic amide wax, for powder coating degassing, its main characteristic is the degassing effect is yellowing can be added in or outside the mixed, application is very convenient, because the particle size is very fine dispersion performance than ordinary size amide wax quantity more and more uniform, KT910 also has a to promote the film flow characteristics.
technical parameter
Appearance: Micronized Powder D50 about 6 ~ 8 m
The acid value (mgKOH/g): 5 ~ 8
Dropping point: 138 ~ 143 DEG C
Application characteristics
It is helpful to reduce the melt viscosity of the system and improve the wetting of the resin system and the dispersion of the pigment.
Very good degassing does not produce a yellowing phenomenon on the coating, ultrafine particle size so that the dispersion of more uniform, both internal and external mixing.
The total amount of powder is 0.3---1.2%
Four. Storage and precautions
Store in a cool and dry place to avoid moisture absorption. Should be closed immediately after use, away from the fire.
Five. Packing
Polyethylene Lined kraft paper bag, net weight of each bag 15Kg.
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