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Product introduction
KT418DG is a kind of special degassing agent for powder coatings, mainly used for transparent powder and HAA and other special occasions degassing, non yellowing degassing well is its biggest characteristic, in the black gloss application but also to increase brightness effect.
Two. technical parameter
Appearance: white powder
Melting range: 115 ~ 140 DEG C
Three. Application characteristics
KT418DG can be used in TGIC powder, polyester hydroxyl amide powder, polyester / epoxy and other transparent powder coating, has a strong effect of degassing and viscosity reduction.
KT418DG only need to be mixed with resin, curing agent, pigment and other additives. The total amount of powder is 0.3% ~1.0%, and KT418DG can not be mixed with powder.
Storage and precautions
Stored in dry low temperature, away from fire.
Polyethylene Lined kraft paper packing, net weight 20kg.
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