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Matting agent for KT209P exterior powder coating

1 product profiles

KT209P is an outdoor powder coating matting agent containing acrylic polymers. KT209P is characterized by a very delicate surface, good flow, good mechanical performance, the minimum can be less than 13 degrees of extinction effect.

2 technical parameters

Appearance: light yellow powder or granule

Volatile matter: <1.5%

Melting process: 108-128

3 technology and application characteristics

Extinction for outdoor TGIC systems.

Low wax base system suitable for dark system.

The addition amount is 2% to 6% of the total powder.

Curing temperature is 15min@200 DEG C.

4 reference formula                                               


Note: 4ET: R902: DuPont, Excalibur, titanium barium sulfate: W-44HB.


5 storage packaging
Store in a cool, dry place, sealed with Polyethylene Lined with kraft paper, net weight: 25 kg.

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